Top 10 Effective Features of Airbnb clone script

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Features of Admin Panel

Bulk Email Option

Admin has an option to send bulk emails if they need to notify users and hosts of any news or promotional offers on the platform.

Site Settings

Using the Site setting option, Admin has the power to make changes in the pages. Admin can easily update the page title, meta tags, and description of the pages.

Host Penalty

In the event that a host moves out of terms and policies, the Admin can impose a penalty on them.

Experience and Amenities Management

Admin has the option to manage and review the Experiences posted by the hosts. Admin is the one who adds amenities like wifi, tv, heater, air conditioning, fireplace, coffee, workspace, etc., for the host to add while posting their listings.

Promotions and Coupons

Admin can create and monitor offers, promo codes, and deal coupons from the Admin panel and use this feature to enhance the platform to a great extent.

Ratings and Review Management

By utilizing this review management feature, Admin can showcase the best reviews on their website, enhancing their online reputation.

Listing Approval

The Admin can set the basic listings module for the host to include while posting the property listings, and the Admin approves them.

Commission management

The Commission amount for each host can be set by Admin using this feature. An admin can set commission percentages for both room bookings and experience bookings.

Features of Host

Ratings and Reviews

Customers can provide ratings and reviews about the host rooms based on their experience. It helps new customers to know about the host listings and helps them in making a decision. Thus, it will help the host to gain more customers based on ratings and reviews.

Variable Pricing

It is the host who decides the price for their listings. So this variable pricing feature allows the host to set pricing for each listing based on minimum, maximum stay, and the booking date of the Guests.


By using this iCalendar feature, hosts can manage booking dates. In like manner, the host can show the available dates to the customer.


The host can review the booking lists, statistics, and financial reports of his earnings right from the host panel.

Manage Listings

The host can create, maintain, and update an unlimited number of property listings with our Airbnb clone app.

Payment Management

The host can check the payment details in his wallet and review the booking history.

Covid Safety

The host can list the Covid safety measures when listing their property for travelers.


Get notifications whenever a guest makes a reservation using our Airbnb clone app

Features of Guest


Travelers can bookmark a place they would like to visit through an easy Wishlist feature on our Airbnb clone script.

Leave Feedback

It is a prominent feature for any online platform to grow its user base. Hence using this feature, the Client will leave Feedback. Based on their experience with the hosts, they can rate them and write reviews.

Messaging feature

The Guest can chat with the host by using this messaging feature. It ensures a quick response to queries about the property listed on the Airbnb clone script.

Google Map Integration

A Google map gets integrated into our Airbnb Clone. Therefore it is easy for customers to find the host listing location.

Profile Management

Our AirStar website gives each Guest a dashboard where they can manage their profile effectively.

Instant and Request booking options

As part of our vacation rental marketplace script, we offer guests instant and request booking options when booking a property.

Simple Payment Method

Pay hassle-free from anywhere in the world with our Airbnb clone app. Our AirStar has integrated simple payment methods to make the payment process easy.

Map and Location-Based Search

A location-based search feature makes it easy for guests to locate properties in their desired location.

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