Top 10 Effective Features of Airbnb clone script

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Features of Admin Panel

Bulk Email Option

Admin has an option to send bulk emails if they need to notify users and hosts of any news or promotional offers on the platform.

Site Settings

Using the Site setting option, Admin has the power to make changes in the pages. Admin can easily update the page title, meta tags, and description of the pages.

Host Penalty

In the event that a host moves out of terms and policies, the Admin can impose a penalty on them.

Experience and Amenities Management

Admin has the option to manage and review the Experiences posted by the hosts. Admin is the one who adds amenities like wifi, tv, heater, air conditioning, fireplace, coffee, workspace, etc., for the host to add while posting their listings.

Promotions and Coupons

Admin can create and monitor offers, promo codes, and deal coupons from the Admin panel and use this feature to enhance the platform to a great extent.

Ratings and Review Management

By utilizing this review management feature, Admin can showcase the best reviews on their website, enhancing their online reputation.

Listing Approval

The Admin can set the basic listings module for the host to include while posting the property listings, and the Admin approves them.

Commission management

The Commission amount for each host can be set by Admin using this feature. An admin can set commission percentages for both room bookings and experience bookings.

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