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Carpooling script is an advanced ready-made taxi booking software that assists startups and entrepreneurs looking to start an online ride-sharing business. The ever-changing world has brought about effortless means to book rides with the help of technology. Carpooling script is an online ride-sharing platform where a rider can share their ride with other riders. It is deemed a convenient approach by users to book a taxi. Get started with your on-demand taxi service business with our carpooling script. We help with customization as per your requirements and interests.

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What Is Carpooling script?

Carpooling script is a best-in-class white-label solution to start a ride-sharing business instantly. Ride-sharing applications have made it relatively simple to catch a ride. Our carpooling script is readily available and saves you the trouble of developing it from scratch. It has distinct features which will help you attract a large customer base.
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Why Use Our Carpooling script for Online?

Ride-sharing Business?

More than 100+ entrepreneurs and startup companies are using our product.


Our Carpooling script is available with a Laravel framework with unique panels for admin and vendor. We extend our services to users of both Android and iOS.


Carpooling script is available in various themes. The client can pick what they find to be pleasing.


The Carpooling script UX design is available with advanced UX patterns. It enables the customers to use the app with great ease.


The admin panel equips the admin with the tools needed to perform functions like managing and configuring. It helps with better optimization.


We offer a wide array of functionalities with our well-designed web panel.


Why Pick Us?

White Labeling Solution

We provide the best-in-className white labeling solution to help build your business. White labeling is the most economical option for startups and takes the pressure off them.

User-friendly UI

Any application must offer uncompromising user experiences to be successful. Our team designs products with a user-friendly interface, meeting customer requirements.

Android and iOS apps

Carpooling script is available on Google Play and App Stores. Our skilled technical team efficiently develops apps for admin, driver, and riders, respectively, with distinct features.

Free Technical and Bug Support

Our strong technical team is at your service to help you with all your technical queries. We intend to provide bug-free products. If bug-related problems persist, we provide free bug support for six months for our Carpooling script.


Features Of Admin Panel

Advance Dashboard

A powerful dashboard is available in our admin panel. Our advanced dashboards serve as quick navigation tools for administrators. Admins can also obtain summary reports of the site from the dashboard.


The admin panel enables admins to manage users and drivers efficiently.

Dispute Management

Unresolved disputes or inefficient dispute management can take a toll on business operations. Therefore, quick dispute resolution is necessary for customers to have a good user experience.

Manage Payments

Admins can provide various payment options for customers so that they choose their preferred mode of payment. It helps the admin to manage and view payment history.

Sub-Admin Management

dmins can make use of this feature to delegate work to sub-admins. It takes the work pressure off them.

Ride History

Admins can view the history of rides of a customer taken with the application. This feature also enables the admin to see the status of the rides- ongoing or completed.


Statistical reports provide the necessary tools to monitor the progress of the business. It helps to check the performance and activities of the drivers.

Promo codes

Promo codes help customers to avail the offers and provide other benefits. It is an enticing feature to retain and attract more customers.


Features of User App

Sign up/ Sign in

The users can create an account on the Carpooling script by signing up, which requires them to enter their name, email, and password. After the initial sign-up process, users can use credentials to sign in from their devices.

Select/ Enter Location Details

Riders can enter the pick-up and drop-locations while booking a ride. They can enter the location details manually or select directly from the map.

Vehicle Selection

Our carpooling script enables riders to choose a vehicle based on their preference. Riders can enjoy a wide range of selections, including SUVs and sedans.

Live Tracking

It enables the riders to track the drivers, providing them with the current location of the driver. Riders also get other updates like estimated arrival time for pick up.

Promo Code

Users of our carpooling script can use this feature to see if they are eligible for any offers. Promo codes help customers to avail the discounts and provide other benefits.

Reviews and Rating

Riders can rate and review the drivers and the overall experience based on the quality of service provided. It helps the other users of the carpooling script to gain insights.


The emergency SOS feature helps the customer enjoy a safe ride. In case of an emergency, the app sends SOS messages to friends and family of the customer.

Multiple Payment Methods

Our carpooling script gives multiple payment options to help the rider with their payments. Riders can pay via wallet, cash, or GPay.

Fare Details

This feature lets the riders view the details of the ride, like the payable amount, distance covered, and total journey time. It helps the riders be well-informed before their rides.

Ride History

Riders can get a glimpse of their past rides. It includes details like pick-up and drop locations, charges incurred, and travel time.


Features of Driver App

Login/ Registration

The driver can register with the application, which requires them to enter their name, email, and password. Drivers can accept ride requests after registration and verification of their details.

Real-time Navigation

Real-time navigation helps the driver to find the pick-up location of the rider. It also assists in directing drivers in unknown areas.

Accept/ Decline Ride

Carpooling script allows drivers to accept or decline ride requests depending on their availability. This feature makes it easier for drivers to plan trips around their schedules.

Call/ Chat

This feature allows the driver to contact the customer in case of queries related to the ride. The rider can directly give pick-up directions to the driver.

Online/ Offline

TIf a driver is not in a position to accept a ride, the respective driver can go offline. The request gets passed on to the available driver and does not stall the booking operations.

Manage Profile

The partners can set their store availability by mentioning closed days and times using this option for the convenience of the customers.


The Essential Features of a Carpooling App


What Do We Offer?

Admin panel

The admin panel equips the admin with the tools needed to perform functions like managing and configuring. It helps with better optimization. Our carpooling script helps the admin manage the riders and drivers.

User panel

Well-designed web panel that offers users to keep track of their rides. After signing in, the web panel provides users with extensive functionalities to enhance their experience.

User App

For Android and iOS users, our skilled developing teams develop android and iOS apps, respectively. Our carpooling script encapsulates essential features for users to book rides and provide a great user experience.

Driver App

Driver apps contain the necessary features that allow drivers to operate at ease. We design user-friendly apps to aid drivers in performing operations like accepting the request and navigating locations.


Pricing Plan

100% Source Code
Free Support
Free Technical Support
Native Android App
Native iOS App
Admin Panel
Front-end website
Apps Submission
Multi-domain licence

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Website Demo

We have built our front-end website panel using the MEAN stack framework. And also, it is available with more advanced features in it. If you need customization on our website, we provide it accordingly.

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Mobile Demo

Our product apps are available on both Android & iOS platforms. We have used Java & Swift programs to build it. Kindly submit your inquiry with us and explore our product.


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