Ako Cab - Best in class Uber-like taxi booking app

  • Instant notifications on every progress
  • Seamless riding experience
  • Comfortable & taxi service
  • Effortless sign-up process

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Project Overview

Ako cab is one of the best-in-class taxi booking apps like Uber that helps users to avail fast and comfortable rides within seconds. With a quick sign-up process, you can get your first ride in no time. If riders are lucky enough, users can enjoy the ride with referral or promo codes.

Road Blocks

Problem Faced

Ako cab is a start-up, and they decided to launch the web platform initially to start their taxi booking services online. They don't have time to develop it from scratch and have a minimal budget.


Project Goal

Finally, Ako cab reached us. We urged our product for their website landing page. They are happy with the RebuStar and found the cost very fair. So to develop the web platform for Ako Cab taxi services is our ultimate goal. Initially, they need a web to start, and later they are ready to purchase our apps.

Provided Solutions


We developed the landing page with their company logo. They felt happy with the outcome. With that page, the users will know about their taxi services and estimate the fare of the rides based on the vehicle type and distance. And also our developers do the needful according to the client's requirement. The end product is excellent. Ako Cab had planned to test it with the users and then move to the app development. Later, they wish for app development on both Android and iOS platforms. In like manner, the app gets developed with all their requirements with our RebuStar script. We developed Ako cab apps with so many unique features and functionalities.

Technology Stack

Technologies Used

Current Status


After Ako Cab has ended with success in testing, it launches its app into production. The users enjoy the app and love to use it for all their riding services. Thus the company was able to ensure funding after some months of operations and carries on to be a challenging taxi service provider in the region that now adds many users every day.

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