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  • 20+ years of experience in the Luxury services
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Project Overview

The Eagles Cab App gets created by Royal Eagles Limousine. It is an app for smartphone users for passengers(riders) to book taxis/executive cars for their desired destinations globally. It has developed to give riders comfort and ease while booking a cab for all their transport needs. It offers the best service and cheapest trip price in Egypt.

Road Blocks

Problem Faced

Royal Eagles Limousine offering luxury services in transportation for over 20 years around the Arab world. They decided to make everything online instead of going offline to cope with the current technology. Royal Eagles faced many challenges while providing the best online services for their existing clients. They don't want to leave their clients while creating the platform for them. So they need it urgently to complete rider and driver apps for Android and iOS users.


Project Goal

The primary goal of Royal Eagles company is to develop an app for riders and drivers to use the platform efficiently. Delivering the apps for rider and driver along with the landing page and the admin backend to scrutinize everything for Eagles cab is the intent of this project.

Provided Solutions


The requirement is simple to develop an online taxi booking for Royal Eagles like Uber, and they want to integrate some documents into the driver app for their privacy policy act to provide a safe journey for their riders. So we proposed our RebuStar product which contains most of the features of Uber. We also showed a demo of RebuStar, and they are impressive. They decided to proceed with our RebuStar product. We delivered their website landing page and app without delay and published their business website and apps in both PlayStore and App Store.


EaglesCab Client Feedback

Technology Stack

Technologies Used

Current Status


With Royal Eagles, car owners and investors can make money in a safe environment. Eagles Cab rider app is the right choice for those who wish to get jobs with their driving skills. The safety of the client is of the utmost importance to Royal Eagles Limousine Company, and they are proving it in every aspect while registering any vehicles and accepting drivers' requests to join their concern for offering rides. Royal Eagles company strives to be as flexible as possible, in which their clients in Egypt can take advantage of all aspects of the services.

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