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Project Overview

Everything Transportation is a transport and ride-sharing company that started to make life easy and comfortable in using transportation. It has developed to provide all the services and tasks you need to accomplish on the road. With Everything Transport, drivers and vehicles are always ready for the job.

Road Blocks

Problem Faced

Everyone depends on the local transportation for all their moving needs from one place to another. So, it is clear that not everyone needs a pickup truck or SUV, but at least once in their lives, everyone has to transport a mattress or shuttle around a large group of people. As a result, the Everything Transportation idea comes out with a complete lifesaver in addition to rideshare service. For this challenging concept, we explored for many software companies to make our dream project alive.


Project Goal

The main goal behind their business idea is to provide digital solutions for their transportation business with the best technology. Everything Transport strategy is to deliver the best ride-sharing platform, as well as haul, tow, move, lift, gather, and arrive with speed and ease.

Provided Solutions


They reached us with the best business idea. We recommended our taxi booking script RebuStar with some customization works for their business needs. Finally, they also agreed to go with our RebuStar product to minimize the development cost and timeline. We develop Everything Transport on all platforms to make it available to all kinds of users. We build this platform not only for simple vehicles but also for oversized vehicle owners. That is to say, with Everything Transportation, you can hire/book rides online that will cater to your every need, whether it's moving, delivery, or product pickup & delivery.

Technology Stack

Technologies Used

Current Status


Throughout the United States, ET Transportation operates in more than 100 cities. And nowadays, Everything Transportation has become the first choice for transporting goods and personal items to and from locations. There is no requirement for the riders to reserve, pick up and return a vehicle or fill out any paperwork. Riders can tap the ET Transport app to request a ride, select the vehicle type they need and pay with a card. It is ET that keeps all the things too simple to cope up with the digital world.

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