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Project Overview

Mamboo is an online food ordering and delivery app. The mission is to provide delicious food from restaurants to a comfortable place for food enthusiasts. Mamboo is serving food lovers and working towards giving them good meals every day. It started in 2020 to entice food lovers with its outstanding services in providing a comfortable life.

Road Blocks

Problem Faced

Mamboo aims to bridge the gap between restaurants and food lovers. To accomplish this, they have an idea for an end-to-end platform for ordering food and having them at their comfy place. Online ordering becomes an enjoyable experience when it is easy to use without hesitation. For this, they need an application to bring all these to do in a go with trust.


Project Goal

The goal of this food delivery app is to design the food delivery system and give a fair experience for customers so that they get a better user experience from the ordering stage till the food delivery. In addition, Mamboo prefers to deliver adequate solutions by adding Add-ons for party orders, morning and lunch for offices, and gift meal options. To design an extraordinary application for customers, partners, and delivery boys along with the Admin backend to manage this system in an organized way is an integral part of this food delivery system.

Provided Solutions


For Mamboo, we designed and built an end-to-end platform for online food ordering. By using the mobile app, searching for the favorite food and restaurants, viewing the menu, placing the order, and paying online or offline are all available for the customer app. And for a better culinary experience, the user app also allows tracking orders live. The partners can add their restaurants with their availability of food service. The restaurant also offers its partners an owner dashboard with the menu items, pricing, and catalog upload, as well as reports, analytics, and financial analysis features. The delivery boy app is to notify on all orders and stays informed while delivering orders. Mamboo also has an admin dashboard to monitor and approve all the essential components from the backend.


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Technology Stack

Technologies Used

Current Status


Mamboo launched in Norway in 2020 and has already onboarded several restaurants. With its ability to efficiently process orders without relying on humans, the Mamboo application has gained a significant following in the Norwegian restaurant community, enabling the app to expand its reach digitally.

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