Morag - Complete digital platform for cab booking

  • Exact Price Estimation
  • 100% Real-time tracking
  • Door-to-Door Safety Standards
  • Positive experience in every ride

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Project Overview

Morag is a travel app that provides cab services to users. This company owns and operates several cabs and provides riding services securely. Morag is the best cab booking app with new safety features.

Road Blocks

Problem Faced

Customers who order a cab service from Morag must call and make a booking. Taxis were assigned, paid, and tracked manually, which caused an inefficient, time-consuming operation. As a whole, they faced so many issues in this manual process.


Project Goal

A digital solution gets proposed to automate all of Morag's tasks. Creating a complete platform to automate the booking request, taxi allocation, tracking process, real-time tracking features, and convenient online payment is a goal.

Provided Solutions


We developed an end-to-end platform for Morag with our RebuStar cab booking script that provides features like booking requests, fare estimation, real-time tracking, and online payment. With real-time Google Map API, the platform calculates distance, estimates fares and terminal charges, and provides accurate total price to the end-user. By all means, the Morag app is the one-point solution for cab booking.

Technology Stack

Technologies Used

Current Status


Morag strives to make every trip as safe as possible. They have built new safety features on top of door-to-door Safety Standards. With the addition of new services, maintenance of high-quality service delivery, and the allegiance to safety standards, Morag is evolving as one of the best cab booking services as envisioned.

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