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Project Overview

Taximandu was incorporated in 2019 to provide Customer Satisfaction & Social Corporate Responsibility in Nepal. To attain this, they started by offering taxi booking services in Kathmandu initially. Then it reaches nationwide with more than thousands of drivers and ten thousand customers.

Road Blocks

Problem Faced

Taximandu services Pvt Ltd. was established to manage the transport system. In the beginning stage, while trying to develop software, they have more losses in software development. It is not an easy job to develop software like Uber in minimal time. It needs many developers to develop on all the platforms.


Project Goal

They contact us intending to develop the taxi booking services on all platforms at a minimum time. The main goal is to build taxi booking services with driver and rider apps with high-quality features. The rider has to book the ride and track the driver in real-time. The driver should register and accept/reject the ride at their available time. The entire platform should be monitored and changed from the Admin backend with some features of setting the vehicle type and fares.

Provided Solutions


RebuStar supports the best product to satisfy their needs. RebuStar is the best online taxi booking app offering the best riding experience for riders with best-in-className features. Drivers also enjoy the benefits of driving through this app with many in-built features. Therefore we developed Taximandu with our online taxi booking software named RebuStar. Our script is available for both Android and iOS phones. We installed our script on their server and published Taximandu apps to Play Store and App Store. Thus Taximandu is available for all platforms to make it more user-friendly for all mobile users. Users are enjoying the advantages of promo codes, real-time fare estimation, and desired payment options. As it is very user-friendly, drivers are efficiently accessing the platforms. As an added advantage to RebuStar, the admin panel can be easily handle without coding knowledge. And finally, a very robust taxi booking app Taximandu was provided with the help of RebuStar in a short time frame.


Taximandu Client

Technology Stack

Technologies Used

Current Status


Taximandu was founded in 2019 to offer easy access to taxis for all in Kathmandu city. It has now paved the way for an easy way to book a cab and navigate the entire country of Nepal with one click. This platform has acquired more than thousands of drivers, and many citizens in Nepal are using their service to book a ride. Taximandu is now one of the brands in Nepal with its endless and supportive services in offering the best riding experience for its customers. In addition, it also provides excursions and tourist trips at faster, safer, cheaper, and much more comfortable than public transport. In a nutshell, it is one of Nepal's leading e-taxi providers or an app for mobility.

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