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Gojek Clone

Gojek Clone, It is a perfect Online Taxi Booking app with powerful features, Which includes Scheduled Booking, Live Tracking, SOS Messages, Multiple Payment Options.

Features of Gojek Clone

Here are the some of the most important features of our product

Advanced Dashboard

It is one of the powerful options. And this is a place where the Admin can view all the records of Rider, Driver, and the Customers.

MEAN Stack Framework

Our Gojek Clone developed using MEAN Stack Framework. It is faster and lighter than any other framework.

Scheduled Bookings

A Rider can book a Driver on a specific date and Specific time according to the customer’s needs.

Integrated Payment Options

Our Gojek Clone script has embedded with multiple payment options like PayPal, Stripe payment gateways.

Promotional Codes

A user can invite his / her friends to the app and easily can earn money.

Live Tracking

In the live tracking feature, Admin can live track a driver and view his / her location in the Admin panel by using this option

In App Call/ Message

In Gojek Clone, Both the Rider and the Driver can Call / Chat with others by using the default messaging and Call app in the Android & iOS System.

Online / Offline Feature

A Gojek Clone can set himself Online / Offline by using this feature. A driver can make himself online whenever he needs to by using this feature.

Driver / Rider Records

It is one of the important features in Gojek Clone – Admin of the product can look at the complete records of Rider, Driver, and Admin, etc.,

Driver / Rider Management

Admin can Add / Remove Driver and Rider easily.

User Profile

This option shows the profile, ride history, ride timing, amount, etc.,


A Rider can give his honest feedback about the Driver.


Reviews, A Rider can review a Driver. It is very important to maintain a high review rating to get filtered out in the first place.

Live Payment Tracking

This feature estimates the travel amount by calculating the distance traveled by the Rider.

Instant Notification

It sends the Notification when a Driver has accepted your, Payment, Ride Completion, etc.,

Why Choose Gojek Clone with us?

Here are the some of the most important features of our product

Live Tracking [ Driver / Rider ]

Gojek Clone, Admin has the option to track the Driver / Rider locations by using this App. The tracked location is shared with Google Maps and can be viewed only by the Admin of the product. If a admin what know the location of a specific Driver, This is the best option to do it. It also shows the Real time navigation of Driver / Rider.

SOS Messages

SOS Messages, Rider can add the emergency contact numbers into the app. Incase of emergency situations, Rider can send Emergency messages to their emergency contacts by using this option. Riders can add unlimited emergency contact numbers to the list, There is absolute no restriction in it. This option is a life saver in case of Emergency situations.

Promotional Codes

Promo Codes, A rider can send promotional invite messages or codes to his / her friends. When their friends install our app it gives them free wallet cash into their app. By using this option a Rider can earn free cash in wallet by using this option. Riders can use this cash while travelling in Gojek clone app. A rider is given with specific promo codes.

In App Call / Chat

In Call / Chat, This option works only during the Driver accepts the corresponding Rider’s ride request. Both the Rider and the Driver can use this option to Chat / Call with each other. This option uses the Android’s default Messaging and Call Apps from the Android System. So there is no risk of privacy while using this option.

Our Gojek Clone Pricing

Our detailed list of options and their corresponding pricing details are been listed below,

Some of our Important Clients

Here are some of the most important clients of our Gojek Clone

Frequently Asked Questions in Gojek Clone

Some of the FAQ from our clients

Here, you can use this list of FAQ to under Gojek Clone better.

1. Where can get this Demo?

You can get the demo of our RebuStar product, by emailing us on WhatsApp us or Contact us.

2. Do you provide customization for RebuStar?

Yes, We Provide Customization for RebuStar. We will modify the RebuStar based on the client’s requirements.

3. Do you help me with Installation?

Yes, We absolutely help our client with Installation. We provide free installation for our RebuStar product. [For Limited Time]

4. Is your RebuStar Android / iOS Apps Native?

Yes, Both Our RebuStar [Uber Clone] app, Android and iOS Version is Native. 

Technology Used

Here are the technologies used in our Gojek Clone product.

1. Technologies

We have used MEAN Stack for Admin Panel, Java for Android and SWIFT for iOS versions.

Server Settings

Our Gojek Clone Server Settings

1. Server Details

Nodejs Server Nodejs Version 8 NPM Version 3 Firebase Billing Account Webserver Nginx server (Optional For Proxy) Operating System Linux/Unix Database MonogoDb 3

2. Web Server

Apache 2.0+

3. Operating Systems


3. Database

MySQL 5.6+  

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