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Start your taxi booking business today with our Uber clone script. Our script is highly customizable and easy to set up, so you can be up and running in no time. With our features, you can offer a seamless ride-sharing experience to your customers. Our software is the perfect way to kickstart your taxi booking business and grow your venture into a large-scale operation. Our script is highly customizable, so you can easily change the look and feel of your app to match your brand. You can set up your app in just a few hours, so you can start booking rides right away.


Our Uber Clone Is the Choice of 250+ Successful Businesses

Taxi Booking Software

What Is Uber Clone?

Uber clone is an online taxi booking script that eases the process of the driver picking up and dropping the customer at their desired locations. Many business entrepreneurs opt to buy ready-made taxi booking software as it is pocket-friendly, user-friendly, and an ideal choice for their online taxi booking solutions. Our app like Uber script uses the MEAN Stack framework for the admin backend and MongoDB for the database.

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Why Use Our Uber Clone?

Why use our Uber clone script for
Online Taxi Booking Business?

More than 250+ entrepreneurs are using our product.

We provide unique panels for dispatchers, admin, and apps for drivers and riders in their corresponding Android & iOS ecosystems.

Our product is available in three pricing plans basic, pro, and entreprise. Clients can buy our product according to their budget. And also, we provide customization options.


We provide our product with the theme customization option. Our expert team will create unique themes according to the client's expectations.

Uber clone script is designed with a user-centric design and is available with advanced UX design patterns.

Drivers can enjoy operating our taxi booking software script as they have the option to toggle their availability based on their operating preferences.

Build A Taxi Booking App

How much does it cost to build a taxi booking software?

The cost of building a taxi booking software may vary according to the tech stack, app features, and clients' business requirements. Our taxi booking app product is coded with the advanced MEAN stack framework & has high-quality coding standards compared with the other company's Uber clone products. And thus, We offer at an affordable cost to help entrepreneurs and startups quickly start a taxi booking business.

Complete Analysis Of Uber Clone Development Cost

How to start an online taxi booking business
with our Uber clone app?

Get Uber Clone

Customize product

Host it on your preferable server

Setup Your Business

Upload apps in Android & iOS

Launch your business & earn money


Rider App Journey Map

Sign-up / Sign-in

Enter your destination point

Pick the type of car

Trip begins

Payment processing

Rate / Review Driver


Driver App Journey Map

Sign-up / Sign-In

Submit documents for verification

Accept or reject a ride request

Pick up and Drop the rider

Payment processing

Rate & Review rider


Unique Screens In Our Uber Clone Script


Why Pick Us?

Free Server Installation

Once you have purchased our Uber clone script, we are entirely responsible for deploying the source code on your desired server free of cost. Even we will keep updating you on the whole process.

Free App Submission

Our nifty crew will submit your app in both Google Play & App Store free of cost. You don't have to worry about that.

Free white labeling

As per the client's desire, we will customize the script with the complete free white-labeling service.

Free Logo

Based on your requirements, our experts of creative designers will elegantly provide a free logo.

Free 183 Days Bug support

We are here to serve at any time. Within the 183 days, we assure our systematic bug support for our clients.

Support after app rejection

We continuously provide our aid after a successful app launch on the AppStore or PlayStore, and we make sure of the technical support even after app rejection.

100% Free License & Source Code

Once you purchase the software, we guarantee a 100% free license & source code.

Free Technical Support

If you registered with third parties or you need any technical support, we the expert development team will give you full technical support.

One Time Payment

We like to build a customer-friendly relationship with every client, and we do not charge any hidden costs on the product purchase.

MEAN Stack Admin Panel

We deliver an efficient backend admin panel with the MEAN stack technology.


Benefits In Our Taxi Booking Sofware

Simple Sign-up Process

We designed this Uber clone script to help taxi companies manage ride hailing services and fleets in a single panel to experience the beneficial features and functionalities.


Within the single dashboard, the companies can maintain their vehicle set working process and control effectively to manage the entire fleet easily.

Drivers Management

The company can manage all the drivers under fleet management. These features help the company to have a quality driver.

Vehicle Management

The admin can view the vehicle details like vehicle type, model, etc. Also, they can manually add or edit the vehicle details.

Reliable Ratings

Both the rider and the driver ratings get monitored in this section to hold the best result.

Manage Payments

With the Manage Payments feature, companies can manage all the payment details. That includes the trip date, driver & rider details, total fare, admin commissions, and earnings status to have a clear view.

Heat Map

If the rider checks the taxi service, this heat map feature indicates the map with gleamed light to decide the surge pricing concept.

Manage Owe Amount

If any pending amount or cash payment at the end of the trip can easily manage in the owe amount panel to equalize and tally the owed with ease.

Car Rental

Riders are allowed not only to book the cab for now or later time, but they can also take the car rental for outstation trips.

Special Zone Queue

Admin can set any special zones where many trips are happening like Airport, Bus stand, etc.

Referral Campaign

Riders can enjoy benefits by referring others to use and book the ride using referral codes through a campaign.

Multiple Surge Pricing

Multiple surge prices can be set for peak hours using this feature for multiple timings.

Call Masking

It allows riders to avoid disclosing their numbers to drivers using the call masking feature.

Call / Chat

The riders and drivers can communicate using this in-app chat facilitation.


The Essential Features of Our Uber Clone App

SignUp/ Registration Process

The drivers can register or log in to the application effortlessly with the help of the phone number, Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google logins.

Stalwart Verification Process

The driver also goes through the OTP verification process with their registered phone number and mail id instantly while logging in.


Document Verification

To highlight your business, we provide a reliable, friendly, and trustworthy experience to your riders by verifying license, insurance copy, and other files instantly within the app itself for the drivers.

Available Status

The drivers can change the status to online or offline and show the rider their availability.

SignUp/ Registration Process

The Riders can quickly log in & register via personal email, Phone number, and social logins like Facebook, Twitter, Google Social Plugins.

Stalwart Verification Process

Once a rider completes the registration process, they will have Email Authentication and Verification. And on each login, there will be an OTP verification process through a phone number.


Set-Up The Pickup Location

The riders can enter the pickup location. Perhaps, they can enter either work location or home or pre-saved location as per their desire.

Cancel Ride

The riders can cancel the ride whenever they want to but need a proper reason to cancel it.

Bird-eye View Dashboard

We have formulated a Bird-eye view dashboard for the admin to manage riders, drivers, and the company's activities with their geo-location.

Advanced Backend Setting

As per desire, you can change a system such as Dev Tools, Email Templates, Reset Password, Alert Setting, and Cancellation Settings that help them offer their taxi services smoothly and flawlessly.


Helping-Hand Report

You can export reports monthly, weekly, or quarterly format in the form of an Excel Sheet.

Utility Option

Both App CMS and Frontend CMS can change according to your desire. Even you can modify the state, city, language, etc.


What Do We Offer?

Admin panel

A ready-to-go Uber Clone Script comes with an easy-to-use panel you can use to manage and check taxi booking operations and track earnings and analytics reports. Administrators use a dashboard to manage user data, blogs, messages to users, and user activity on the app.

Customer panel

We offer an advanced front-end customer panel built using the MEAN stack framework. We also provide front-end panel customization based on the client's interest and design choice.

Driver App

We provide drivers with Android & iOS mobile apps to manage passengers as well as other efficient features like in-app calls/chats, navigation, etc. Enhance your fleet productivity with route optimization features. Deliver the most powerful, easy-to-use app for your delivery team.

Rider App

Rider App for customers with features like real-time navigation, multiple payment options, push notifications, etc., which help make the app easier to use.



Multiple Language

We avail multi-language for your website and app. It allows your customer to connect with your business by making it multilingual.

Multiple Currency

Multiple currency feature allows customers to make payments in different currencies and allow transactions through varied channels, including internet banking, wallets, etc.

Phone Number Verification

For the user of our application, the mobile app phone verification process can help ensure that your user is genuine and not a hacker or spammer.

ChildSeat Accessibility

We provide the option for car seat availability to determine which ChildSeat accessible vehicle options best meet the needs of riders and drivers.

Handicap Seat Accessibility

We avail technology to determine which wheelchair-accessible vehicle options best meet the needs of riders and drivers.

Crypto-Wallet Integration

We provide additional payment integration for our clients to transact through the crypto wallet.

Gender Preference

If your firms offer a separate service for men and women, we integrate a gender-based booking option. The administrative person can on/off this service features based on companies rules.

Referral Reports

The admin can set referral codes that users can share and promote the use of the application. They can offer discounts on receiving the referral code from the users and keep track of the referral reports.

Route Optimization

We provide RO features to show the optimistic routes towards the destination for the client to save time.

Splash Screen Animation

We provide animated splash screens to the client application. These animations provide a good experience for the clients to use the app more.

Customer Banner Design

If a client needs attractive banners in their application, Our creative designer's team will provide banners accordingly.

Google Play & App Store Preview Images

On successful project completion, Our graphic team will create an attractive preview image for Google Play and App store ecosystems.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense helps the client to earn money with the application. We'll update the Google Adsense code to the application to show the ads accordingly.


How to Generate Revenue with Our Uber Clone Software

Commission Amount

You can earn from both riders of their trip and drivers of using your app. You can set the percentage of commission based on the regional demand.

Peak Fare

During peak hours or on rainy days, you can charge an extra amount from the rider. The peak fare gets generated from the invoice. Even the admin can increase the commission amount based on the demands.

Brand Advertising

To promote any particular brand or driver service on your website, you can effortlessly charge from them. You can demand the fare according to your region's demand.

Commission From Companies

As an admin, you can get an immense income with this option. Fleet management connects the companies on your website to earn a commission for every ride through fleet management.

Cancellation Fee

Specific amounts get collected from the riders when they cancel the ride without any worthy reason. The amount varies according to the time they cancel the ride.

Booking Fee

This option helps you to have regulatory, safety, and operational costs. The booking fare is different from the flat fare added to every trip you take on economy products.


Pricing Plan

Features Basic Pro Entreprise
100% Source Code
Free Support
Free Technical Support
Native Android App
Native iOS App
Admin Panel
Front-end website
Apps Submission
Multi-domain licence
Admin panel
Advanced Dashboard
Website Statistics
Admin Management
Vehicle Type Management
Drivers Management
Riders Management
Packages Management
OutStation Packages Management
Ongoing Trips
Upcoming Trips
No Response Trips
Past Trips
Manual Taxi Dispatch
Pending Requests
Ride Later Bookings
Heat Map
God's View
Driver's Tracking
Driver Payment Package
Driver Credits
Driver Settlement
Rider Settlement
Driver Bank Transaction
Rider Ratings & Reviews
Driver Ratings & Reviews
Offers Management
Reports Management
Add Countries
Currency Management
Language Management
Rider App
Login / Signup
2-Step Verification
Ride Later
Pick Source & Destination
Price Estimation
Coupon Codes
Payment Option
Driver Matching
Advanced Navigation System
Cancel Trip
Profile Management
Ride History
Wallet Payment
Invite Friends
Referral System
Social Media Logins
In-App Call / Chat
Call Masking
Outstation Packages
Multiple Stop
Ride Cancellation
Book Ride For A Neighbour
Driver App
Login / Signup
Document Uploading
Manage Vehicles
Toggle Online / Offline
Accept / Reject Trips
Pickup / Drop Navigation
Complete Trips
Ratings & Reviews
Feedback System
Payment Reports
Social Media Logins
Invite Friends
Referral System
Navigation with Google maps
Navigation with Waze
Live Taxi Meter
Feedback Option

Demo Details Of Our Taxi Booking App

Website Demo

We have built our front-end website panel using the MEAN stack framework. And also, it is available with more advanced features in it. If you need customization on our website, we provide it accordingly.

web Panel
Mobile App Demo

Mobile Demo

Our product apps are available on both Android & iOS platforms. We have used Java & Swift programs to build it. Kindly submit your inquiry with us and explore our product.


Testimonials from Our Happy Customers


Frequently Asked Questions

The latest version of our Uber like software is 2.3.5, and some changes to improve user-friendliness and UX.

We created our taxi booking software with the MEAN Stack framework. And for the Android and iOS app development, We have used Java and swift frameworks.

Yes, to enrich new features in our taxi booking script, our developer team is constantly adding new features and updating existing features.

You can hire our dedicated technical team. Kindly contact our team for more details. Just drop your query via Email, Whatsapp, or Skype and our staff will get back to you.

You can directly approach our team. We can provide you with 24/7 customer support.

Yes, you can claim full ownership of your website. We will hand over the source code to you upon completion of your purchase.

For the client's satisfaction, we assign a separate project leader who coordinates with the client throughout the project, and also we share the respective updates each week.

Yes! It will be a one-time payment only. If you need any customization work, We will charge based on that customization.

Yes, of course, we provide 100% customization on every aspect of your needs. Also, if you change the source code and make any fatal error, we will not provide technical support for free.

Yes, the installation service is free. If you want to configure the script on your host manually, we can provide you with zip files to download.

Yes, Our product supports Multilingual features. If you don't find your language in our app, We will provide language customization based on the client's expectations.

Yes, we have many payment options like PayPal, Wallet, and Credit Cards. And we customize according to your needs.

Don't see the answer you need?

That's Ok Just drop a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

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Release Log

  1. Business company
  2. Roles & permission for company admins
  3. Invite friends
  1. Dynamic document upload
  2. Roles permission to all buttons
  1. Video upload from admin
  1. Push notification
  2. Driver availability in zone
  3. Help option
  1. Driver per day earning report
  2. Export CSV and xls format
  3. Subscription for rider
  1. Driver Tracking issue fixed
  2. Document expiration mail to driver & admin
  3. Remaining balance amount to the wallet
  1. Face Comparison with document and profile image to reduce fraudulently
  2. Zone-based fare calculation
  3. Vehicle-Based Subscription
  1. Change trip invoice
  2. E-mail verification
  3. Filter issue
  1. Dynamic document upload
  2. Force assign driver
  3. Save trip location
  1. Database backup in Google cloud
  2. PDF generation of invoice
  1. Update distance in trip paths
  2. Driver location update
  1. Plivo SMS gateway
  2. ETA on service base fare optimized
  1. SMS, OTP Verification
  1. Razorpay Payment gateway
  1. Travel distance real path update
  1. Notification content
  2. Subscription model & Commission model
  3. Subscription and commission wallet modification
  1. Alignment issues fixed
  2. App mode in the server configuration
  1. Past trips in manual dispatch
  2. SMS settings
  1. Dynamic banner images in the admin panel
  2. Change password for admin, driver, rider
  1. Multiple currencies
  2. Admin language translation
  3. Landing language translation
  1. Cancellation reason from DB
  2. Change E-mail & phone number of driver & rider
  3. Promocodes with discount
  1. Rider signup bonus
  2. Response in multiple languages
  3. Multiple languages
  1. Outstation package concept
  2. Map view vehicle filter
  3. Promocodes
  1. Citywise service availability
  2. Rental package concept
  3. Cancellation module
  1. Multiple languages
  2. Manual dispatch for rental & outstation
  1. Subscription
  2. Real-time trip status
  3. Subscription report
  1. Expiry notification
  2. Report export option
  3. Driver tracking
  4. Rider wallet
  1. Driver tracking
  2. Filter type
  3. Rider settlement
  4. Package purchase history
  1. Emergency message
  2. Reset password
  3. Daily reports
  4. Nexmo SMS gateway
  1. Hail trip reports
  2. Trip type report
  3. Trip book report
  4. SEO settings
  1. Total trips, Payment, earnings, Commission updates in the dashboard
  2. Braintree Payment gateway updated
  3. Trip earning report
  1. User role and management
  2. Page menu management
  3. E-mail invoice
  1. Hail taxi
  2. Trip status report
  3. Activation key

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