Top 10 Effective Features of Uber clone script

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Features of Driver App

Profile Update

To show reliability, the driver will provide personal details on the profile. This helps the riders to have the best experiences.

Live Chat/ Call

In the RebuStar from the driver app, the driver can call or chat with the rider.

Heat View

This option helps riders to find the driver at a similarly current location.

Trip History

The drivers can view their ride history with details like distance and fare of previous rides.

Review and Ratings

This option helps the drivers to know how the riders feel to experience traveling with them.

Option to Call Rider

This option helps the drivers to connect with the riders instantly to confirm the location and clarify doubts.

Language Management

Based on the driver's preference, they can choose language to proceed with the ride.

Payment Management

To know the driver's earnings, we have designed this option to get explicit information and a summary of the trip.

Features of Rider App

Handicap Accessibility

Our script gets designed to help physically challenged riders. They can filter trips based on their requirement.

Contact Admin Page

The riders can directly contact the admin if they need any help regarding the uber clone website.

Invite Friends

Even riders can invite their friends to earn money which will get credited to their wallets.

Trip History

The riders can view their ride history with details like distance and fare of previous rides.

Language management

Based on the preferred language of the riders, the driver gets allocated to the trip.

Rate & Review Driver

After completing the ride, the rider can rate and review the driver's behavior during the trip.

SOS option

The riders can click on the SOS button if they face an emergency. This panic button is the root map to contact Police and sends the location of the riders.

Payment Gateway

To experience a safe and secure trip, we have included Manage Wallet, Credit Card Payment, COD for easy fare transactions.

Ride Now Or Schedule

Riders can prefer to schedule a later date and time, in addition to the ride now option.

Fixed Rate Option

Riders can also enjoy the fixed rate option by searching on which area it is available and can utilize it.

Apply The Promo

Riders can apply the promo codes given by Admin to avail of the discounts on the total fare for the trip.

Able To Call Drivers

Riders can call drivers and inquire about their arrival time or anything related to their trip.

Vehicle Details

Riders can see the vehicle details while selecting the vehicles for the trip. They can check the vehicle type, model, make, and trip number.

Trip Verification

The trip verification feature gets used to avoiding miscommunications between the rider and the driver before starting the trip.

Multiple Payment Options

To make the payment process easy for the riders, multiple payment options like credit, debit, and wallet payments are available within the app.

Features of Admin Panel

God's Eye View

The God's Eye View permits the admin to track the vital view of the riders who require taxi services.

Manage Multiple Language

The admin can add multiple languages based on their choice to explore the personalized on-demand taxi services.

Rider Management

You can easily manage your riders and keep track of their activities, the bookings they make, the mode of payment chosen by them, etc.

Driver Management

This option helps you know the complete activities of the driver, such as listing the number of drivers, active/inactive drivers, current/pending driver status, etc. You can manually add or reject drivers.

Instant Notifications

If you have made changes to the website, the notification gets sent to both the rider and the driver.

Manage Multiple Countries

You can change or add multiple countries based on your choice to explore your taxi on-demand services.

Scheduled Requests

Scheduled requests from the riders to get viewed by Admin with all the details, including payment mode.

Daily Earning

Admin can check daily earnings reports with the trip details.

Add Zones

Admin can create zones and provide services where bookings frequently happen.

Multiple Vehicle Type

It is possible for admins to add multiple service types, such as SUVs, Sedans, and more, and manage their details by editing or removing them.

Edit Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions can be easily customized from the backend panel by the Admin.

Advanced Statistics

Interactive Site Statistics will show all the reports on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to check on the performance. It will give a detailed analysis report for all data like trip completed, trip canceled, and commission earned.

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