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Uber Clone Apps

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RebuStar v/s other Uber Clone Apps

A detailed analysis of RebuStar with other available uber clone apps in the market is compared here for choosing the right product for your taxi business. Analyzing is mandatory for any product purchase. It is the fundamental thing of any human mind to compare the products with other similar products and then make the decision. To make your quest comfortable, we have narrated our taxi booking software features by comparing them with many other clone apps.

Before getting into this in detail, let us first analyze the Uber business model and the benefit of using the Uber clone concept for the online taxi business.

Uber's Business model:

Uber follows a two-sided marketplace business model. Uber connects the riders and drivers in a single platform, and everything gets managed by the third person(Admin). With its brilliant app solution for riders and drivers, Uber effectively sustains the online taxi business.

Why Uber Clone for your business?

Uber is already a successful brand in the online taxi business and operates in 10,500 cities globally. Adopting a successful business model is a good idea to start your Entrepreneur journey on the right path. Are you still confused about using clone scripts for your business? Then check the benefits of using a clone script for your online business.

Benefits of our Uber Clone Script:

  1. Save time and cost.
  2. Save development research.
  3. Quick launch time.
  4. Hosting the platform on your desired web server.
  5. Vendors will provide regular software version updates.
  6. Customize the script whenever you need to add any new feature

What is RebuStar?

RebuStar is an online taxi booking software that digitizes traditional taxi services into an Uber-like platform. RebuStar is 100% customizable and suits your business plan. It ultimately reduces development costs and enhances efficiency.

Advantages of Using RebuStar for Taxi Business:

1) Automated System

With RebuStar, the online taxi booking business gets completely automated. Taxi businesses can readily be taken to market with an Uber clone and cater to today's riders.

2) Improved Management

With the powerful backend in RebuStar, everything gets managed by the Admin without any technical knowledge.

3) Minimal Set-up Cost

The setup cost for incorporating RebuStar into your online taxi business idea is minimal compared to other clone apps in the market.

4) No Risk

Using RebuStar for a taxi business solution is always the best choice with no risk in operating. As it has many revenue-generating systems, our pre-built uber clone is a well-structured platform to go live soon.

5) Reports for Analytics

It allows startups to analyze reports and find ways to improve the taxi booking business' performance with the help of RebuStar.

Comparison between RebuStar v/s other Uber Clone Apps in the Market

1) 100% Customizable Source Code

In RebuStar, we offer a 100% customizable source where you have all rights to customize the script according to your business idea. Other Uber clones providers may not provide a 100% source code.

2) Technical Support

With our RebuStar, we guarantee to provide free technical support for any bugs in the script - Even though they provide tech support, they have some hidden charges.

3) After Sales Support

It is mandatory for any business success, so by keeping this in mind, our team will provide consistent support once after purchase. Most other Uber clones have a limited support period or start ignoring your correspondence after a short while.

4) Free Installation

In favoring your business to go live soon, our technical team will handle the installation process - Many other Uber clone providers might charge a separate fee for installing on servers.

5) Free App submission

Our team will submit your taxi app to the respective stores. We will support you until your business app gets launched in Play Store and App Store - Not all uber clone providers support you if any rejections happen.

6) Tech Stack

We use the most robust and scalable MEAN stack framework to develop RebuStar and apps in Native technology - Very few providers use this technology to build the platform.

7) Advanced Features

Our RebuStar is pre-built with the most advanced features to make it unique and launch your taxi booking business anywhere in the world. Several Uber clone providers limit the attributes of their ready-made solutions and charge additional fees for integrating basic features.

8) Upgradation

To ensure that your taxi app works flawlessly with time, we offer version upgrades from time to time as per your purchase package. Not all Uber Clone apps will support you on app upgrades.

9) Delivery Time

We stick to the deadline and ensure to deliver the project before the committed time. Other Uber clone app companies may not disclose the project updates, and there might be excuses.

10) NDA

We ensure that your business ideas are safe with us by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you. Some Uber clone-providing companies may not secure your business plans.

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