Top 10 Effective Features of UberEats clone script

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Features of Customer App

Profile Management

Users can sign up using their phone numbers or email IDs. They can update details like name, address, and contact number. They can edit their profile information anytime later

Advanced Search Option

Customers can search for their favorite food from restaurants of their preference. The advanced filter options in our UberEats clone script help them search by restaurant names, cuisine, ratings, price, etc.

Payment Gateway

Our UberEats clone script comes incorporated with multiple payment gateways. This way, users can go cashless and instead use their wallet or credit card.

Track Your Order

Customers, when they make orders, can track them from the app and learn when they will receive them. They also receive notification alerts whenever there is a change in the status.

Rate and Review

This module lets customers leave behind feedback after they receive the order.They can rate and review the service provided by the delivery partner.

Order History

Users can view their orders from the past using this option. It includes details of the order, including the order date, price, food items, restaurant name, etc.

Feedback Option

Customers can use this option to provide feedback about the food from the restaurants they order. It helps restaurants to improve their service and food quality.

Language Management

Our UberEats clone script allows users to select the language of their preference. Being able to choose the language they want improves user experience.

Tipping Option

Customers wishing to tip the delivery partner can use this option. They can do this when ordering from the app. It helps delivery partners to earn more from the platform.

Contactless Delivery

After the COVID-19 pandemic, people prefer contactless delivery. Users can select this option when ordering, and delivery partners will receive a notification.

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