Top 10 Effective Features of UberEats clone script

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Features of Customer

Order History

The Eaters can view their order history with all the details.

Language management

The customers can choose a preferred language that gives them the best experience.

Rate & Review Driver

After completing the order delivery, the user can rate and review the driver's behavior during delivery.

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateways helps avoid the cash-on-carrying possibilities to the maximum and help us go cashless by ordering food using the wallet or credit card.

Track your Order

It lets the customers track their food orders via their mobile app or website. The mobile application sends notification alerts whenever there is a status change.

Feedback Option

Customers can provide feedback about the food to the corresponding restaurants. It helps restaurants to improve their service and food quality.

Tips Option

A customer can give tips to the corresponding delivery boy using this option. This option helps the delivery boy to earn more money with the platform.

Contactless Delivery

In today's covid situation, Customers can opt for contactless delivery. A customer needs to select the contactless delivery option while ordering the food.

Features of Delivery Boy

Profile Update

The driver will fill out the profile with personal information to demonstrate his reliability. The restaurant and diner can then enjoy the best dining experience possible.

Live Call

Customers can talk to the delivery partner regarding the food delivery using the Live Chat option within the app.

Trip History

All the delivery details are available to the drivers in their delivery history.

Review and Ratings

The drivers can learn how the eaters feel about their experience with the driver by using this option.

Option to Call Eater

That makes it possible for the drivers to communicate with the eaters instantly.

Language Management

Delivery partners can choose a language they prefer for better communication based on their preferences.

Payment Management

A Payment management option gets designed to provide explicit information and a summary of the food delivery earnings of the delivery boy.

Accept / Reject Option

This option allows the delivery boy to accept or reject a food order request message. It is helpful in emergency scenarios.

Review / Rating

A delivery boy can rate and provide a review about the customers easily using this option.


Our UberEats Clone script payout option is simple and easy to understand. Delivery boys can receive their payments with ease.


It is one of the primary options for the delivery boy app. By using this option, The delivery boy can route to the corresponding customer easily.

Reports Management

Delivery boys can view the complete reports about the payment, orders completed, and many more. It is the single-option access for all the reports.

View Feedback

The customer's feedback, rating & reviews are available here. It helps the delivery boys to improve their quality.

Features of Restaurant Panel

Profile Update

To show reliability, the restaurateur will provide personal details on the profile. The eater can have the best experiences.

Review and Ratings

This option helps them know how the eaters feel to experience food taste.

Orders Management

A restaurant can manage all their orders from various customers with this feature. After the order is completed, They can close the order.

Push Notification

Whenever a customer orders food from their restaurant, They will receive a notification from the UberEats clone software.

Reports Management

The restaurant owners can view all the reports from the UberEats clone script product from this option.

Food Menu Upload

Restaurants can upload their food items into the software with the required pricing, description, and image in this option.

Limit Working Hours

This option allows the restaurant owner to set working hours for the restaurant. The restaurant will receive the orders only at this time.

Set Restaurant Status

Restaurants can set their availability. They can toggle between online/offline using this option. A restaurant can receive the order only if they are online.

Features of Admin Panel

Manage Multiple Language

Depending on your preferences, you can add multiple languages for exploring your food delivery service.

Customer Management

The system allows you to keep track of your eaters' activities, their bookings, the payments they choose, etc.

Delivery Boy Management

All the details of the delivery partner get managed, and the admin can accept or reject delivery partners at any time.

Instant Notifications

If you have made any changes to the website, the notification sends to the Eater, Restaurant, and the driver.

Manage Multiple Countries

You can change or add multiple countries based on your choice to explore your on-demand food delivery services.

Manage Food Cuisines

Admin can update or remove food cuisines to the platform using this option. The food cuisines help the customer to select their favorite food quickly.

Order History

Admin can view the order history completely. For example, Restaurant order history, customer order history, Delivery boy orders history, etc.

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