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Project Overview

Omly is an online food ordering platform for high-quality food from caterers in your city. Finding a wide range of caterers just a click away makes Omly unique. Find them, determine their menus and check their ratings, reviews, and prices, decide which caterer is best, and then finalize your choice.

Road Blocks

Problem Faced

It is crucial to have catering services when hosting a party, a function, or a gathering at home or the office. For this reason, Omly aim to establish a catering business. They have tried two to three website development companies in Hyderabad to meet their business goals. But there have been a lot of disappointments with those companies


Project Goal

Omly needs an online application for all catering needs at home or office. Omly aims to provide a wide range of food caterers and restaurants for any of your events and functions. In that case, developing three applications for customers, partners, and delivery boys for food delivery is the foremost goal of Omly.

Provided Solutions


Omly approached us with their clear requirement, and we suggested our RebuEats product with some customizations to fulfill their business goal. We have developed the applications in a way to satisfy all the food needs in a single click. The Customer app has designed to select the food from any restaurant or choose the caterers for any events based on user locations. Also, they can enjoy the benefit of using referral codes while placing orders. Using their app, partners (caterers) can upload menus and pricing information and receive notifications on orders. They felt happy with the outcome and eventually launched applications for the catering service needs in India.


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Technology Stack

Technologies Used

Current Status


No matter what kind of party you are arranging - kitty parties, housewarming parties, birthday parties, corporate dinners, wedding functions, or anniversary gatherings - Omly offers the nearest and the widest choice of online caterers.

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