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Airbnb clone script is a great way to start an Airbnb-like business. Using our product, you can easily customize an Airbnb-like app to fit your business needs. Our script is highly customizable, so you can easily change the look and feel of your app to match your brand. You can set up your business in just a few hours.

Vacation rental software

What Is Airbnb Clone?

Airbnb clone is an online solution that allows entrepreneurs to start a rental marketplace business more quickly. Our product is the best-in-class prebuild software solution that helps you to launch a vacation rental platform marketplace with exclusive Airbnb clone features. Through our product, you can easily connect the guest searching for accommodation with the host.

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Why Use Our Vacation Rental Software?

Why Use our Airbnb clone script for
Vacation Rental Marketplace Business?

There are more than 100+ Entrepreneurs who use our product.


We provide an advanced dashboard for guests, hosts, and Admin to manage their platforms effectively.


With your logo and brand name, you can get a 100% secure and effective Airbnb clone script.


Our vacation rental script is equipped with advanced features inbuilt.


The security features provided by our product include email address verification and phone number verification for seamless operation.


Our experts can assist you in setting up features that make your business like Airbnb business effective.

Build A Vacation Rental App

How much does it cost to build Airbnb clone software?

Starting an Airbnb-like business is the latest trend among entrepreneurs and startup companies. The cost of building an Airbnb clone software depends upon various factors like features and technologies. Generally, the development cost to build an app like Airbnb can vary from $20,000 to $50,000. However, To tackle this cost problem, We are providing a ready-made solution, to help entrepreneurs & startups kick start their businesses.

Business of Airbnb Workflow

How to Launch Your Own Airbnb Clone Business in 2024?

Get Airbnb Clone

Customize as per your needs

Host it in server

Setup Your Business

Launch your business

Earn Money


Guest Journey Map

Signup as user

Choose Date & Location

Browse Hotel / Home

Choose Number of guests

Make Payment

Booking Confirmed

Host Journey Map

Host Journey Map

Signup as host

Admin approval

Create listing

Get booking from guest

Receive payment from admin

Get review/ratings from Guests


Why Choose Us?

Free Installation

Once after the purchase, Our technical team assists in the server installation process free of cost. Our team guides through the installation and helps in making your business website live in a short time.

Free Bug Support

Our team will give you free bug support for three months from the date of your business live. Any bugs found in live will be fixed immediately by our team. We are always ready to support and extend the technical support if needed from the client side.

100% Open Source Code

Based on the packages, we offer complete source code. With this 100% source code access, clients have the right to edit and change the code based on their ideas.

Free White Labeling

We offer free white labeling with rebranding services. Our technical team will rebrand the product with your logo, content, and company brand name. As a result of this white labeling solution, you can build customer loyalty and increase your brand's visibility.

Flexible Packages

We have flexible packages based on the features and product deliverables. Start-ups can go on with our basic package and upgrade to an enterprise plan anytime.

Single Payment, Lifetime Product

With a single payment, we accept and deliver the entire product. In addition, there will be no hidden charges associated with the product. Transparency is the hallmark of our payment system, where everything is communicated directly with our clients. We will not charge additional fees for our product. Upon purchase, you will gain lifetime access to our Airbnb clone product.

Native Mobile Apps

Our product has apps for both Android and iOS platforms. It is developed in Java and swift to offer top-notch native mobile apps.

Free App Submission

No worries about the app submissions to the play store and App Stores, We have the best technical team to handle this efficiently. Our team will submit the apps for you and support you even if it gets rejected for some reason. Our support continues until the respective stores accept your apps.


The Essential Features of Our Airbnb Clone App


With an effective dashboard, Admin can monitor and control all the activities. And Admin can learn about users, host listings, and bookings with specific information.


An in-depth review of the overall activity of the system gets performed, and detailed reports are presented to the Admin so they can deliver valuable insight into what is happening.


User & Host Management

As the administrator, the top priority is to manage the user and host accounts to ensure a successful vacation rental script. Thus, Admin gets provided with this option in the Admin Panel.

Static Page Management

A Static Page management feature allows Admin to update content, images, currency, and language according to their preferences.

Our Product V/S Others

The Features That Set Our Airbnb Clone App Apart




Experience and Event Management

In addition to listing properties, hosts can manage their experiences on the platform. It is also possible for hosts to maintain the events for any bookings they receive for their listed properties. This feature allows hosts to manage experiences like riding, climbing, and events to serve the hosts in all ways.


Request Booking

Users can check the complete details of the listed properties and send the booking request to the host. It makes sense to approve the request and confirm the booking with the guests.


Multiple bookings on the same date

Already we implement multiple booking options for guests. Furthermore, we can integrate to book various sessions on the same date. On a single day, the Guests can schedule their bookings according to their needs.


Google Calendar

We can integrate Google calendar to remind you of your booking appointments. As a result, the host and Admin get notified of all bookings made through the Airbnb clone script.


360-degree property image tour

By using this most advanced feature, hosts can list the images of their properties in the most efficient manner. Viewing the property images in 360-degree views allows the Guest to choose a property that appeals to them and then make a booking accordingly.


Multiple Payment Options

We can integrate multiple payment options like Paypal, Stripe, etc for seamless payment within the Airbnb like app. It makes the Guests feel comfortable while making the payment.


Hourly bookings

Using this module, Guests can book rooms on an hourly basis. This feature entices the Guests to stay in your space for the booking hours.


Arabic Language - RTL Support

Our script supports multi-language for a better user experience, and also we can integrate the Arabic language from Right to Left.


iCal synchronization

Hosts can sync their data with multiple calendaring systems by using iCal synchronization. Additionally, the calendar can be exported and imported from Airbnb, VRBO,, etc.


How to Generate Revenue with Our Airbnb Clone Software

By Google AdSense

It is the most common way of earning money with an app. In the admin panel, We can separate sections for Google AdSense. The admin needs to place the Google scripts in it.

Commission Amount

The host pays some percentage commission whenever the customer pays a host. It is the primary way to earn money from the Airbnb clone business model.


If a host wants to advertise their property rental in the Airbnb like software script, They can use this option. The admin can generate revenue using this advertisement model.

Highlighted Listings

If a host wants to showcase their listings on a particular search, They can use this option. This option highlights the corresponding listing in the first.

Third-party monetization options

Other than Google Adsense services, They are many other app websites available. The admin can also enable these options via the admin panel to earn more.


Pricing Plan

100% open source code
Free server installation
Technical Support
Free support
Android App
iOS App
Multi-domain license
Admin Panel
Custom Currency Integration
Multilingual Integration
Customized Payment Gateway
Bug Resolve
Apps Submission
White label
User-friendly Frontend Panel
CMS Pages
SEO Friendly
Blast emails to users
General settings

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