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RebuEats – UberEats Clone

RebuEats [ UberEats Clone ], A perfect online food delivery clone script to kick start your food ordering company. It is a perfect script developed for Entrepreneurs and Startups.

Features of UberEats Clone

Some of the best features of RebuEats – UberEats Clone Script

MERN Stack

Our RebuEats app is developed using MERN Stack [ MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js ], etc.

Dashboard Analytics

It gives the overall analytics, performance of RebuEats app.

Real Time Order Status

Notification sends to Customer, Restaurant. As the customer places an order, the restaurant accepts the order, etc.,

Accept, Reject Order

A Restaurant has the option to Accept, Reject a customer order. It is available to the Restaurant Panel.

Manage Categories, Products

Restaurants use this option. They can add new categories, products in the RebuEats by using Restaurant Panel.

Order Status

Order Status is updated regularly.


RebuEats Customer has the option to review his food.

Payment Management

Our RebuEats supports PayPal, Stripe payments.

Multiple Categories

Customer can browse the foods based on categories like Food, Drinks, etc.

Order Pickup Notification

Once a RebuEats Delivery boy picks up your food. A notification is generated and to send to the corresponding customer.

Advanced Analytics

It is available only to Admin of the RebuEats product. Here, admin can see the overall performance of the RebuEats.

Customer Feedback

A Customer can provide feedback about their food.

Real-Time Order Status

RebuEats [ UberEats Clone ], When a Customer orders food from RebuEats. Notification reaches Restaurant. After a restaurant accepts the order, the notification reaches the customer. After Restaurant is prepared, picked up by the delivery boy corresponding notifications reaches the customer.

Payment Management

RebuEats, All the payment processed reports are done by Customer, Restaurant, the Delivery boy is shown in Admin Panel. Admin can view this record whenever he wants to do it. In RebuEats Paypal, Stripe Payment gateway is embedded and can customize as per client.

Delivery Boy Tracking

RebuEats [ UberEats Clone ], After delivery boy picks up the food from the restaurant. Delivery boy status delivered to the corresponding customer. RebuEats provides realtime tracking data of delivery boy to the respective customer. All this information is provided by using Google maps.

Rating and Feedback

RebuEats customer has the option to provide feedback, rating about a restaurant. This feedback and ratings are been used while using filter options. Customer can place orders after analyzing the restaurant ratings etc. RebuEats customer can also provide feedback about the restaurant by using this option.

UberEats Clone Pricing

RebuEats [ UberEats Clone ] pricing. Our RebuEats includes two types of packages, One basic package, and another business package

Faq [ Frequently Asked Questions ]

Some of the FAQ from our clients

Here, you can use this list of FAQ to under RebuEats better.

1. Where can get this Demo?

You can get the demo of our RebuEats product, by emailing us on support@rebustar.com or Contact us.

2. Do you provide customization for RebuEats?

Yes, We Provide Customization for RebuEats. We will modify the RebuEats based on the client’s requirements.

3. Do you help me with Installation?

Yes, We help our client with Installation of RebuStar product for a limited time.

4. Is your RebuEats Android / iOS Apps Native?

Yes, Both Our RebuEats [UberEats Clone] app Android and iOS Version is Native.

Technology Used

Here are the technologies used in our RebuEats product.

1. Technologies

We have used MERN Stack for Admin Panel, Java for Android and SWIFT for iOS versions.

Server Settings

Our RebuEats [ UberEats Clone ] Server Settings

1. Server Details

Nodejs Server Nodejs Latest Version NPM Latest Version Firebase Billing Account Webserver Nginx server (Optional For Proxy) Operating System Linux Database MonogoDb Latest Version

2. Web Server


3. Operating Systems


3. Database


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