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Are you looking to start an online food ordering business? Then, You are at the right place. We have developed a ready-made software, to help entrepreneurs, and startups, start their businesses instantly. Our product is built with MERN Stack for the admin panel and MEAN Stack for the front-end panel. And also, We have separate panels for various stakeholders.


Our UberEats Clone Is the Choice of 250+ Successful Businesses

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Online food ordering software

What Is The UberEats Clone?

UberEats Clone is an on-demand food delivery script that gets used for new businesses or existing businesses to launch on-demand food delivery applications in a short period. This script allows customers to order from their favorite restaurants and receive at their doorstep. It has all the essential features of popular online food delivery platforms. Since the pandemic, on-demand food delivery apps have become a big part of people's lives.
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Why Use Our UberEats Clone Script?

Why use our UberEats clone script for
Online Food Ordering Business?

More than 250+ entrepreneurs and startup companies are using our product.


Our product is equipped with a unique panel for admin. And also apps for customers and delivery boys in both Android & iOS apps.


Our food delivery software product is available in three pricing plans basic, pro, and entreprise. We also provide customization options based on client expectations


Our product has various theme options. Clients can select a theme skin according to their preferences.


We have implemented advanced UX patterns in our food ordering app. It helps the customers to use the app with ease.


UberEats clone software is available with advanced features like live tracking, promocodes, ETA, and many more.

Build A Food Ordering Software

How much does it cost to build a food ordering software?

Online food ordering & delivery software is the most trending business to start among entrepreneurs & startup companies. The cost of developing UberEats-like software  depends upon the features & technologies. According to the market value, the development cost can vary from $20,000 to $50,000. However, Our ready-made product, Is budget friendly & We are offering it in three pricing models. A client can buy our UberEats clone according to their business model.


How to start an online food ordering & delivery
business with our UberEats clone app?

Get UberEats Clone

Customize it as per your needs

Host it on a server

Setup your business

Upload apps on the Android & iOS platform

Launch your business instantly


Eater Journey Map


Cuisine/Restaurant Surfing

Order Request

Payment Process

Order Pickby Delivery Boy

Payment For COD


Delivery Boy Journey Map


Secure Verification

Accept/Decline Request

Order Pickup

Food Delivery To Customer


Restaurant Journey Map

Restaurant Registration

Profile Creation

Order Accept/ Decline

Order Processing

Food-Hand Over To Delivery Boy


The Essential Features of Our UberEats Clone App

SignUp/ Registration Process

Customer accounts can be accessed or registered using their email addresses and phone numbers. They can also use social logins such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Social Plugins.

Stalwart Verification Process

Customers will be able to log in safely with email verification and avoid creating fake profiles with validated email addresses. Also, the customers receive OTP on each login.


Cancel Order

Specific amounts will be collected from the eaters when they cancel the food order without any worthy reason. The amount keeps varying according to the time they cancel the food order.

Contact Admin Page

If the Eaters need any assistance with your website, they can contact the admin directly.

Our UberEats Clone V/S OTHERS

The Features That Set Our UberEats Clone App Apart

Reasons To Choose Us

The Key Benefits of Using Our UberEats Clone App


What Do We Offer?

Admin panel

The admin gets access to detailed information on the dashboard. Our online food delivery management platforms allow you to track information, including pending payments, commissions, number of users, number of delivery partners, and much more.

Restaurant panel

The restaurant partner gets their online dashboard with all the tools needed to keep track of their orders and payment. The restaurant receives detailed reports on everything from orders to their income.

Delivery App

Delivery partners can track orders, payments, earnings, incentives, and the location of order recipients through an app. Also, the delivery partner receives a map showing the route and the estimated arrival time.

Customer App

Users get an easy-to-navigate interface with all of the features offered by popular food ordering applications.




Takeaway Option

The takeaway option is for the restaurant partners who enable the takeaway delivery type. The user can opt for the takeaway feature when they are willing to take their order items from the restaurant.


Single Pickup Multiple Delivery

If two users order from nearby restaurants at different locations simultaneously, the nearby driver will take both orders and deliver the picked items in one go.


Contactless Delivery

The contactless delivery option applies to the users who have selected the prepaid option. The delivery partner will deliver to the doorstep by taking a photo of the order and uploading it to the app, Which notifies the user.


Multiple Language

Our website and app support multiple languages. It allows your customer to connect with your business by making it multilingual.


Multiple Currency

Payments are possible in multiple currencies and varied payment channels, such as internet banking and wallets.


Chat integration

Introduce real-time interactivity by allowing your users to interact with your delivery partners, if needed, as well as with your support providers to solve problems faster.


Crypto-Wallet Integration

We provide additional payment integration to send and receive the money through the crypto wallet.


Referral Reports

The admin can set referral codes that users can share and promote the use of the application. They can offer a significant discount and bonus when the user shares the referral code and keep track of the referrals using the referral reports.


Splash Screen Animation

Our creative designers provide unique splash screen animations to the client application, Which intends to attract lots of new customers to use the application.


Customer Banner Design

We'll provide attractive promotional banner designs to the client applications. It acts as the best tool for advertisement and promotional activities.


Google Play & App Store Preview Images

Our team will provide clients with attractive Google Play and App Store preview images. On uploading images, It will attract the customers to install the applications.


Google Adsense

Create a Google Adsense account and earn money using the application. We'll help the client to update the script in the correct places and also improve the CTR of the ad.


How to Generate Revenue with Our UberEats Clone Software

Commission Amount

You can earn revenue from customers and delivery partners when they engage in your app. You can set commission percentage according to the demand in your region.

Peak Fare

The admin can charge extra charges during high-traffic days or rainy periods. The billing system will automatically calculate the peak fare for these days. Based on the demand, the commission amount can even increase.

Brand Advertising

If you wish to promote any restaurant brand on your website, you can charge them. Prices may vary depending on your region.

Cancellation Fee

On canceling the food order, a specific amount gets collected from the customer without any worthy reason. Based on the time they cancel the food order, the amount keeps varying for it.


Pricing Plan

100% Source Code
Free One-time Installation
Free Support
Free Technical Support
Native Android App
Native iOS App
Admin Panel
Multiple Languages
Multiple Currencies
Custom Payment Gateway
Front-end website Panel
Multi-domain licence
General Settings

Demo Details

Website Demo

Our food delivery script is available with separate panels for the admin panel, customer panel, and restaurant / partner panel.

web Panel
Mobile App Demo

Mobile Demo

We present our UberEats clone software in both Android & iOS ecosystems. Kindly submit your inquiry to know more about our apps.


Testimonials from Our Happy Customers

kiran vagga-image

Kiran Vagga


Kiran Vagga is the founder and CEO of Omly. Their business goal is to start a catering business. To fulfill their business goal, they have tried several two to three website development companies in Hyderabad. Those companies have not been able to meet their expectations. After they contacted us with the help of UberEats clone product, we completed their project. Here is what Kiran Vagga has to say, After the project completion, Developers have good communication with our team. We are satisfied with the outcome and recommend this product to all.

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sahil sharma-image

Sahil Sharma


Sahil Sharma is the manager of Mamboo. His business objective is to start an online food ordering & delivery application. While searching for an online food ordering business, he finds RebuEats products. With the help of RebuEats, we have completed the project. Here is what Sahil Sharma reviewed after the project completion, The developer's team helped me in this project even during the week off, festival season.

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