How to Start a Grocery Delivery
Business? Features & Business Model

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Introduction :

Due to the current covid situation, the number of entrepreneurs & startup companies looking to start an online grocery delivery business has been increasing. Right now, most customers' mindset is to order their groceries online. It has led to a massive increase in traffic for online grocery delivery service providers like Instacart, Swiggy Instacart, Postmates.

In this blog, I'll explain how you can start an online grocery business without much effort.

Here we go,

How to start an online grocery delivery business?

To start an online grocery delivery business, There are some things to go through,

Here are some primary things you need to kick-start your grocery delivery business.

Primary Factors to start your online grocery delivery business:

  1. Legal formalities
  2. Grocery business model
  3. Go for a ready-made grocery delivery software

Legal formalities:

It is one of the primary steps in launching your business in the respective countries. Make sure you register your business with the respective authorities in your country. It'll shape your business in legal terms. Apply your tax terms in the grocery delivery software to ensure the smooth dealing of taxes.

Business model of a grocery delivery business :

Here are some business models to help you start an online grocery delivery business.

Scenario 1 :

Firstly, If you are a grocery shop owner, You can redesign your website. After that, Update grocery items from your shop on the website & market your business. It will help you to get more orders from the customers. And deliver them to their doorsteps. It is one of the primary scenarios of a store from an offline grocery store to an online one.

Scenario 2:

Secondly, If you are an entrepreneur looking to start an online grocery business, You need to build grocery delivery software from scratch or get a ready-made solution.

Get the local grocery vendors to register and update their grocery products. And on customer grocery delivery requests, deliver them to the corresponding customers.

Go for a ready-made grocery delivery software :

A ready-made online grocery delivery software is best for entrepreneurs & startup companies. In today's market, there are many ready-made grocery delivery software solutions. It has helped many entrepreneurs to start their businesses. For Instance, RebuGrocery is a grocery delivery software that allows entrepreneurs to start their businesses.

Top 10 Features to consider in grocery delivery software :

  1. Multi-Store Option
  2. Multiple-Order Delivery
  3. Advanced Search Option
  4. Real-time Tracking
  5. Contactless Delivery
  6. Reports Management
  7. Accept / Reject Order Request
  8. Advanced Notification System
  9. Store Availability Toggle
  10. Order Scheduling Option

Multi-Store Option :

It is the best way to help the customers to locate the best possible product from various listings. From the admin perspective, They can enjoy good traffic from the customers.

Multiple-Order Delivery :

It allows the customers to check out their products whenever they want. During the checkout process, the delivery boy will handover the products to the customer.

Advanced Search Option :

Customers can search grocery products by location, store, city, and pricing. It allows the customer to locate a grocery product.

Real-time Tracking :

When customers place orders, they can track their order status via their website or mobile app.

Contactless Delivery :

Nowadays, It is one of the primary features in grocery delivery software. Customers can use contactless delivery. They need to check the contactless delivery option during the checkout stage.

Reports Management :

All stakeholders can manage reports like payments, orders delivered, and no of orders. All the stakeholders can sort the data by date, time, location, etc.

Accept / Reject Order Request :

In grocery delivery software, The vendors are the primary stakeholders. Vendors have the power to accept or reject the order request from the customers.

Advanced Notification System :

A grocery delivery software should have an advanced notification system. It sends notifications to the stakeholders whenever there is a status change.

Store Availability Toggle :

A vendor can change store availability online / offline according to their stock availability. It is helpful in case of emergencies.

Order Scheduling Option :

Customers in an online grocery delivery software can schedule their grocery orders. This option helps them to receive orders when they are at their home.

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